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URGENT: Russia, China urge Trump to participate in talks on international treaty to prevent placement in weapons in space ".

Will we live under nuclear, other space-based weapons, permanently? Putin important video ". US deployment of weapons in space will lead to new stage of arms race Lavrov ".

Russian President Vladimir Putin, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi call for legal binding tool to prevent all weapons in space ".

Ban all space-based weapons for security, prosperity, and sustainable development for all nations ". Russia, China, others call to France and NATO for legal document to prevent placing weapons in space ".

Weaponization of space a threat to international security, says Russia Defense Minister Shoigu ".

NATO Foreign Ministers Officially Recognise Space As An Operational Domain ". Russia will promptly create retaliatory technologies if the US weaponizes space, Putin warns ".

UN General Assembly adopts 'No First Placement of Weapons in Outer Space' resolution. NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg: no weapons In space ".

China and Russia oppose arms race in outer space: Chinese Deputy Foreign Minister Le Yucheng ". BRICS leaders call for legally binding agreement to prevent the placement of weapons in outer space ".

First Russia-Africa Summit highlights prevention of arms race in outer space ". Vatican diplomat at UN General Assembly says outer space should be 'free from weapons of any sort' ".

At UN, Dir. Russia says satellite tests created no threats in outer space ". US and Russia hold important space-security dialogue first in seven years ".

Russia proposes signing binding paper banning deployment of weapons in space, says Putin ". Russian geopolitical scientist Alexander Semyonov's urgent call for 'peaceful space''.

China supports Russia's initiative on the prohibition of placing weapons in space ". Vladimir Putin urges prohibition of placement of weapons in space in UN video address ".

Russia concerned about US plans to dominate space, says Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov ".

Russia submits two resolutions to 75th UN for 'NO first placement of weapons in outer space' ". From The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation ".

Nabarro of the WHO Breaks Ranks with Tedos the Terrible ". FBI Uses Confidential Informant to Entrap Militia Activists for Phony Siege on Gretchen Whitmer ".

EXCLUSIVE EXCERPT: How The DNC Hired CrowdStrike to Frame Russia for the Hack ". DARPA, Electromagnetic Waves, and Air Crashes ".

A Year-Old Kid Built a Working Nuclear Fusion Reactor and Broke an Epic Record ". Wisdom teeth disappear and arteries are added as human beings enter next stage of evolution ".

Behavioral Health Faces Challenges During and After the Pandemic ". Hospital Debates Penis Transplant in Transgender Patient ".

Neurologist: COVID Masks Are a Crime Against Humanity and Child Abuse ". The World's Most Incredible Bird Migrations. America's Barber. Informed Consent Action Network ".

Skynet Does The Office: Citrix Says By , Workers With Implanted Chips Will Have "Labor Market Advantage ". Gerhard Ulrich on Terror by the Judicial System ".

Fox guest calls Kamala Harris 'Hillary in blackface' in shocking exchange ". Kamala Harris supports decriminalizing sex work ".

China Market Update: Growth Stocks Lead Hong Kong Higher, Over Million Travel Domestically For Golden Week ". Under Cover of Strategic Chaos, Bankers Move to Consolidate Dictatorship ".

Digital Yuan Testers Spent USD 52 On Average Per Transaction ". DOJ's Cyber-Digital Task Force Releases Cryptocurrency Enforcement Framework ".

McDonald's Had Its Best Month In Nearly A Decade In September. The Current Dystopia and The Road Ahead With John Waters ". Bank Of Korea To Begin Testing Distribution Of Digital Currency ".

Doctors are now actively refusing to treat patients due to government mandates. Exxon's Plan for Surging Carbon Emissions Revealed in Leaked Documents ".

Religious Groups Sue to Block New Lockdown Restrictions in Parts of New York Seeing Covid Surges ". GALLUP: Gun Control Not a Priority for Americans ".

Visualizing U. Money Supply vs. Precious Metal Production in the COVID Era ". Bill Gates's Charity Paradox ". Journalism's Gates keepers ".

While the Poor Get Sick, Bill Gates Just Gets Richer ". Geospatial Intel Is Transforming The World ". After The Great Barrington Declaration, No One Can Honestly Say Science Demands Lockdowns ".

Keir Starmer demands an immediate nationwide 'circuit-breaker' lockdown saying Boris Johnson has lost control of coronavirus pandemic as new figures show deaths doubling in a week to , the worst for four months ".

The current state of space debris ". The UK is telling ministers to cozy up to the Biden camp, as Boris Johnson is 'writing off Trump' in the upcoming US election ".

SpaceX has launched enough satellites for Starlink's upcoming public beta ". The US Military Is About to Launch Its Largest 5G Experiments Yet ".

Judge's Ruling Against Newsom Sets Stage for Trial ". Prom Dance Scam ". Gun Control Group Drops Big Money to Flip Pennsylvania's Legislature ".

These Luxury Cruise Ships are Being Sold for Scrap ". Covid virus urvives for 28 days in lab conditions ". Republicans try to squeeze last electoral juice out of Supreme Court fight ".

APOD ". Photo Book Pays Tribute to Besieged Wyoming Ranchers ". Visualizing The State Of 5G Networks Worldwide ".

Mark Crispin Miller under fire for discussing mask propaganda in his NYU "Propaganda" course ". The robots are coming! Nine industries impacted by tech innovations ".

German Aerospace Startup Joins the International Space Race ". Sorority sister says she was stripped of position and scolded by sorority for attending a rally featuring an 'All Lives Matter' sign ".

Twitter Censors Senate Candidate Lauren Witzke's Immigration Views as 'Hateful Conduct ". Life in Prison for Hoaxes Related to Biological Hazards ".

New Evidence Implicates CIA in Attack on Cuba with African Swine Fever Virus ". Anti-Vax Doctor Found Dead ". Wonderful Video for United Nation's submission MUST WATCH: created by Johan from Denmark ".

Exclusive Mansion Maxine: Joe Collins Launches Ad Ripping Maxine Waters for Not Living in Her District ".

No US and Europe trips until for Aussies ". ARD: German Scientists Call for Second Corona Phase ". Leaked Analysis of the Impact of the Lockdown by a Senior Official at the German Ministry of the Interior ".

California governor's office tells diners to wear masks "in between bites ". The Circle Is Complete: BOJ Joins Fed And ECB In Preparing Rollout Of Digital Currency ".

Covid-Testing Plan Aims to Open New York-London Travel by Holidays ". Alert Second Mikovits Interview SAVED! Our Get Out The Vote Efforts ".

COVID Pushback ". New Book Proves U. Is Living Under a Disastrous Banking Model from a Century Ago ". Bodo Schiffmann - 3 children died of masks in germany ".

German Neurologist Warns Against Wearing Facemasks: 'Oxygen Deprivation Causes Permanent Neurological Damage''.

Berlin Better Normal, not New Normal - www. Phones in Class Don't Actually Hamper Learning. DARPA SBIR: Profusa Implantable Biosensors - COL Matt Hepburn ".

Study Shows Significant Link Between Mercury and Autism ". Dangerous elites planning the Great Reset ". The Microchip Is HERE: DARPA Biochip to Save Us from COVID Can Control Human DNA ".

After WHO Flip Flop, Former FDA Chief Says No Reason For Another Round Of Lockdowns In US ". Support Thistle Do Farm ".

Freedom of Choice in Vaccinations for All Europeans ". Commentary: China's decision to join COVAX will strengthen global vaccine cooperation.

IMF Seizes on Pandemic to Pave Way for Privatization in 81 Countries ". Greek court sentences Golden Dawn members to prison ". Xi Jinping to tighten grip on power with new rules for top policymaking bodies ".

Mumbuca ". Richard Branson Is Building a Hyperloop Testing Center in West Virginia ". Lies, Damned Lies and Health Statistics the Deadly Danger of False Positives ".

Gotthard Tunnel: Outside Opening Ceremony ". US Shale Oil Output to Drop by , Barrels per Day in November ".

Making farming greener while increasing yield and food production ". Dilan Winter and the Starling Mumurations ". Researchers At Large Hadron Collider Are Confident To Make Contact With Parallel Universe In Days ".

China insists Genghis Khan exhibit not use words 'Genghis Khan ". IMF, World Bank, G20 countries to create Central Bank Digital Currency rules ".

Mastercard launches testing CBDC platform for central banking ". Europe's central bank moves toward introducing digital euro ".

The Farm ". Westpac to consolidate its international operations ". Bill Gates says life will return to normal only after SECOND generation of Covid vaccines rolled out and virus eliminated globally ".

French women in uproar as they're forced to wear masks during LABOR leaving them vomiting and unable to breathe - as doctors threaten to leave them to give birth alone if they refuse ".

White House Eyes Nationalizing 5G Network Via Single Public-Private Partnership ". Eli Lilly Suspends COVID Antibody Therapy Trial Over "Potential Safety Concern ".

Will California''s wine industry survive? UK Paves Way For Smart Meters To Directly Control Home Appliances ". Clean Energy Is Dirtier, More Expensive And Destructive Of The Environment ".

Airline Travel Goes Wild On Surveillance During 'Pandemic ". Farmer's Footprint Resources. The Great Reset: World leaders to harness COVID and pursue 'sinister' climate agenda.

Faith and Freedom Event Sept 5th Video 1 ". The terrifying consequences of the 'licence to kill bill ". Jobless Claims Rose to , Last Week ".

The Fed Wants the Public to Know It Can Withhold Information Under an Executive Order and Defy Subpoenas from Courts and Congress ".

Trump Acknowledges UFOs, Threatens Aliens With Military Action ". MIT Scientists Are Building Devices to Hack Your Dreams ".

Clear Conquered U. Now It Wants to Own Your Entire Digital Identity. Military Creating AI Weapons Systems To Be 'Set Loose To Slaughter ". Support Your Local Police ".

Philadelphia Sues State over Ability to Enact Gun Control ". Video: The Smoking Guns of a Manufactured Pandemic ".

Social Media Roundup: The Purge, Thursday October 15, ". Steep NBA playoff drop in line with broader trend ". Jeanne Robertson A Mother's Revenge - Red Porsche.

Fed Chairman Powell to Speak About Digital Currencies Next Week at IMF ". Can you spot the DeepFake video? Jeanne Robertson "Don't send a man to the grocery store!

Brooklyn Federal Judge Upholds Cuomo's Order Restricting Religious Gatherings in 'Red Zones''. Blatant Censorship: The Great YouTube Purge ".

AxisOfEasy Salon Ben Hunt vs The Industrially Necessary Narratives ". I was held in Shenzhen for HK protests: Grandma Wong ". Coronavirus Fraud Scandal The Biggest Fight Has Just Begun ".

Births Continue to Fall, Fertility Rate Hits Record Low ". Birth Rate by Country ". Forecast ". Ex-French President Sarkozy Hit With New Libya Financing Charge ".

White House Touts Help For Poor Areas But Questions Endure Over Who'll Benefit. Kodaks Moment of Investor Insanity Has Passed, But Its Future Is Unclear ".

China passes biosecurity law to prevent infectious diseases ". Soros, Black Lives Matter, and Kamala Harris Oppose African-American D. How QAnon uses religion to lure unsuspecting Christians ".

Professor Valentina Zharkova: We Entered the Modern Grand Solar Minimum on June 8, ". CAESAR's MESSIAH: The Roman Conspiracy to Invent Jesus.

Exoskeleton suits transform car factory workers into human robots ". China Warns U. It May Detain Americans in Response to Prosecutions of Chinese Scholars ".

Scientists worry as more Americans say theyll refuse COVID vaccine ". Bahamas to Roll Out Sand Dollar Digital Currency Next Month ".

Harpers Provides a Chilling Account of Secret Presidential Powers ". The Next Big Event You Need To Prepare For! Childrens Long-Term Mental Health at Risk From COVIDrelated Stress, Experts Warn ".

The Covidian Cult ". FCC Chairman Ajit Pai and NIST Director Walter Copan to Headline Inaugural 6G Symposium ". Secret powers and the presidency ".

CDC Admits "At No Time Has CDC Guidance Suggested that Masks Were Intended to Protect the Wearers ". COVID Masks Are a Crime Against Humanity and Child Abuse ".

Freedom Protest in Toronto ". Everything you need to know about Ultra Wideband in the iPhone 12 and HomePod mini ". China's Largest Dairy.

The One-Chart Summary Of All That Is Wrong With The US Financial System: Deposits Over Loans Profile picture for user Tyler Durden ".

Fukushima To Dump 1 Million Tons Of Radioactive Water Into Pacific ". The Protest Cycle ". IMFs New Bretton Woods Moment ". UK College Orders COVID-Carrying Students To Wait In Room, 'Let Others Out First' If Fire Breaks Out.

Wikipedia Is Badly Biased ". New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern wins second term in landslide election victory ". Macron in last-ditch Brexit punishment with threat to devastate UK with energy blockade ".

Fed governor says central bank will partner with MIT on possible digital currency ". Central Banks Havent Made a Convincing Case for Digital Currencies ".

BitCoin Investment Thesis ". Around Italian Banks Are Officially on a Blockchain ". International Statement: End-To-End Encryption and Public Safety ".

Fidelity makes it clear: Bitcoin volatility is worth the risk for institutions ". JPMorgan Strategists See Modest Headwind for Bitcoin Price ".

Grayscales Ethereum Trust Granted SEC Reporting Company Status ". NYDFS invites digital asset firms to techsprint aimed at digitizing financial reporting ".

Digital Euro Within Decade Very Likely, Says Finlands Chief Central Banker ". How to start peppers indoors with video ".

What are Permaculture Principles, and how do I use them? How to Choose the Right Permaculture Design Course ".

Permaculture Blogs for inspiration, find your best fit for inspiration ". People Need to Reclaim the Internet ". Brooklyn business owners on edge over arbitrary COVID closure zones ".

Doctors Speak out against COVID Treatments and Lies ". And Then They Came for the Books Refi fee necessary because mortgage giants not close to safety and soundness,federal regulator says ".

Birds Falling from The Sky by The Hundreds of Thousands? Fauci''s COVID TreacheryWith Chilling Ties to the Chinese Militaryby Peter R.

Breggin MD and Ginger R. Breggin "'. Federal Government Blows Past Record Spending in Fiscal ". Food Shortages Hit China: There Is not enough fresh food to go around ".

Corona Bed-Wetters ". Dark Journalist X Dr. Joseph Farrell Deep State Target USA: October Surprise! Chile: Church of the Assumption Burnt ".

The testing mess, lack of reliable data on Covid, and a hypothesis why ". Sherri Tenpenny on Citizens For Free Speech ". Must Block Massive Expansion of International Monetary Fund''s Special Drawing Rights "'.

Boston Fed, MIT partner on central bank digital currency research project ". Tax Court Judge Allows Whistleblower Case Against Clinton Foundation to Continue ".

Brexit brinkmanship: UK says no to more EU trade talks ". Good News for Freedom and Sanity ". First Tests Of New "Immunity Passports" Will Take Place Wednesday ".

Return Home ". What if you live alone? Wales puts entire country on two weeks solitary confinement ". California's crazy new COVID Christmas rules ".

The Legend of the West: Iconic Works from the T. Boone Pickens Collection ". Africa: New Malaria Mosquito Threatens Mass Outbreaks in Africa ".

Pentagon Will Move Primary Biometrics Systems to Amazon Cloud ". Senate panel delays vote to subpoena Twitter, Facebook CEOs as some Republicans waver ".

Dear Governor Whitmer, - Katherine Henry ". Santa Monica Police Chief Resigns over Riots After 66, Sign Petition Demanding Removal ".

Justice Department Hits Google With Antitrust Lawsuit ". Technocrats, Great Barrington, and Bermuda Grass Why Settle For Reform When A Radical Solution Is Needed?

Protective facemask impact on human thermoregulation: an overview ". A 20 Year-Old Tears Apart the PCR test ". Supreme Court Allows Extension for Mail-In Ballots in Pennsylvania ".

Covid Vaccine Protocols Reveal That Trials Are Designed To Succeed ". To Stop The Next Pandemic, Scientists Want To Vaccinate Animals With Viruses ".

Scientist Attacked for Fluoridation Facts ". Reimagining tax authorities for the future ". Vitamin C levels in patients with SARS-CoVassociated acute respiratory distress syndrome ".

Farmer Puts Social Justice, Land Access at the Center of Operation ". Chief Science Officer for Pfizer Says Second Wave Faked on False-Positive COVID Tests, Pandemic Is Over ".

Just COVID ". Victoria hotel quarantine guests may have been infected with HIV ". Foreign Teacher Lands in Rural America: I Was Surprised VOA Connect ".

Nothing to See Here ". Proof that Facebook's goal is the destruction of civilization. Doctors in South Korea call for flu vaccinations to be paused after 25 deaths ".

CDC disappears the database that tracks COVID deaths, showing how many have been due ONLY to COVID ". Reset the Table: Meeting the Moment to Transform the U.

Food System ". CBDC as a store of value threatens financial system, says German official ". Half of European's Smaller Businesses Risk Bankruptcy Within Year.

Top Wall Street Analyst Says Goldman Paid "A Premium" To Settle 1MDB Case Before Election ". Kamala Harris, Schumer, Cuomo And Feinstein Listed As 'Key Contacts' For Biden-China Joint Venture.

Hunter's Ex-Partner Confirms Joe Biden Took Money Sanctioned by Communist Party for Influence. Stop Big Tech Election Interference ".

International Charter for disasters 20 years on ". Will covid vaccines save lives? Current trials aren't designed to tell us. Red Redux?

Opinion: Why Luxembourg Matters in Space ". Germany's Anti-Greta: Naomi Seibt. Watch Censored WORLD DOCTORS ALLIANCE Announce Lawsuit Against COVID Global Lockdown ".

Why Did Amazon Ban The Book The Contagion Myth? Project Iron Boomerang: Radical plan that could rebuild Australia ".

Holocaust Survivor: Don't Let Authorities Use Fear to Turn You Into a 'Robot'. EXCLUSIVE: Joe Biden's son emailed shop owner about hard drive to 'get it back': Former Trump chief.

Digital Ruble: Russia Unveils Plans to Test Central Bank Digital Currency ". Yelp to label businesses racist ". South Korea Acquires Fully Weaponized Attack Drones ".

With a Nod to WWII Codebreaking Hero, Rochefort Group Tackles New Age of Warfare ". Digital Currency Wars: A National Security Crisis Simulation ". Children's Health Defense Europe seeks annulment of the EU regulation on GMO Covid vaccines ".

Why won't they tell us the truth about coronavirus beds? Matt Hancock and Boris Johnson say they're almost full, but Manchester's own medical expert disagrees, writes BEN SPENCER.

Mysterious Berlin attack targets 70 museum artefacts ". Fauci's Fraud Machine Revealed. Chris Cuomo scolded for not wearing a mask in his NYC apartment building ".

Syndemica COVID needs Social Vaccine as global food shortage begins ". Visualizing How the Pandemic is Impacting American Wallets ".

The Economics of Coffee in One Chart ". Biden says million people have died from coronavirus as campaign gaffes continue ".

Melbourne Protest Again Against Madman of Australia Andrews ". NAPLES Riots after Government Says it Will Impose 40 day Lockdown ". The Mike Wallace Interview with Ayn Rand ".

Kennedy Jr. Germany ready to send soldiers to NATO countries for COVID operations: Reports ". Intel CEO: We think of ourselves as an Israeli company as much as a US company ".

Doctors May Have Found Secretive New Organs in the Center of Your Head ". If the Pandemic Thinking Was Applied To Everything ". Coronavirus: second group of Chinese tourists set to fly to Thailand on Monday ".

Why Beauty Matters? Roger Scuton ". Sir Roger Scruton obituary ". China invade Taiwan? You must be joking ".

Tiny Taiwan caught in the middle as U. HEATING UP China forces on high alert after US warship sails near Taiwan as envoy begs America for protection from Beijing ".

WAR FOOTING China's president Xi Jinping orders troops near Taiwan to prepare for WAR days after massive invasion drill off island ".

The real Lord of the Flies: what happened when six boys were shipwrecked for 15 months ". Prince Charles's letter to John Kerr reportedly endorsing sacking of Whitlam condemned ".

South Korean's medical association urges govt to suspend flu shot program after 25 people die following jab ". New Telegram Bot Violates Female Privacy Making Deep Fake Nudes From Regular Photos ".

The inconsistencies of the Corona Virus Story ". Pennsylvania Supreme Court Rules Counties Can't Reject Mail-In Ballots When Signatures Don't Match.

Branding a company that turns humans into soil ". UK Gives Police Access To Dept. Of Health Data To Enforce Self-Isolation Orders ". The BuzzFeed Russiagate agenda ".

Which Is Worse: King George III's Stamp Act or Bill Gates III's Digital Certificates? AUSTRALIA's BRAVEST MAN And he's 76 years old Police Interview.

Antivirals, spaceflights, hyperloops among 20 mkts to alter economies: WEF ". New Factories of the Future Light the Way of Next Normal in Manufacturing ".

Digital Dollar Project lays out its plan for a US digital currency ". Jeremy Grantham: The Market Bubble Will Burst in Weeks or Months ".

Fear Secures Obedience in COVID War ". BREAKING NEWS The Trump administration quietly closed a vaccine safety office last year, hampering efforts to track the long-term safety of a coronavirus vaccine.

King County could make sheriff appointed rather than elected ". Global Financial Stability Report: Bridge to Recovery ". Belgian Health Experts Demand Full Investigation into WHO for Faking COVID Pandemic ".

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